To News or Not to News

Mark 13.7 Storm CloudsI am never sure anymore whether or not I want to watch the news. It seems as if there is one catastrophe after another, one tragedy after another. I understand that I am to be a good citizen, supporting my leaders, and that means I need to be informed about current events. But, I find it disheartening to listen to all of the anger, the people yelling over each other, calling each other names, and generally insisting that they are right and everybody who disagrees with them is not only wrong, but stupid and . . . . (fill in the blank).

But then, I remind my self that God told us this would happen. He told us there would be wars and rumors of wars. He told us not to be alarmed when we saw these things happening. God is not surprised. And, He told us not to be alarmed. Why? Because God is our shelter and our protection. God is a very firm foundation in times of trouble. God loves us and has promised that not a single one of His children will be lost.
When I start to remember these things, then I start to “see” the news through different eyes. I start to see how Satan’s plans for evil, to start riots and set people to killing each other are turned by the love of God’s children. We saw it in Charleston with the family members of those murdered in the AME church prayer meeting. We saw it in the news conference with the Chief of Police in Dallas after police officers were ambushed and gunned down. In both of these situations, individuals who are filled with fear and hate lashed out to kill and destroy. But, the love and forgiveness and steady hand of those who suffered the most stemmed the tide.
So, I will continue to watch the news. And when I am done watching, I will pray. I will pray for our nation. I will pray for the victims. I will pray for those who must go in to comfort and restore. Yes, these are those I will pray for most of all, that God will give them His wisdom, His discernment, His Words and His love, to pour out healing balm, turning around the lives of all of those affected. And, I will continue to pray for our protection, that the evil plans will be thwarted.

James 5.16 Man praying
We are not powerless. We are powerful because we have all of the power of heaven at our disposal.

Our prayers are powerful and effective. We do not need to be in Charleston or Dallas or Paris or Nice. We only need to be on our knees.