The “H” Word


Humility. It is elusive, difficult, and the simplest thing in the world!

Most of us have a distorted understanding of humility. We think that we have to be self-effacing, and never acknowledge that we are good at anything to be humble. Many people never understand that this focus on self, even when it is negative is not humility, but pride!

True humility is knowing our true identity. It is knowing who we are and who we are not. When we understand this, many things happen.

First, we discover that we are a dearly loved child of God. God made us and has plans for us and desires the best for us. Entire books are written on what this means. This is our destiny. It is what Adam and Eve were created for. It is what Jesus suffered and died to restore to us. It is a marvelous mystery and gloriously incredible.

When we know who we really are, we also know who we are not! The primary person whose role we keep trying to usurp is God’s.  When we stop trying to do God’s job, it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off of us! We no longer need to judge ourselves or others. We no longer need to worry about what other people are, or are not doing. We no longer need to worry about what other people think of us, or whether or not we are measuring up! Instead, knowing we are not God, but that we are His child and He loves us, we can simply take our concerns to Him and let Him deal with it2 Chronicles 34:27! Wow!