God Is

Genesis 1_1So there I was, driving along a canyon road fretting about all sorts of issues, none of which were within my control. As I round a corner, I hear a voice tell me to look out at the canyon. “Surely not Lord, there are no guardrails and I could go over the side!” I reply. Again, I hear the command to look. After struggling a little, I obey. As I look out, I once again hear this thought: “I created all of this. Do you not think I can take care of what concerns you?”

How many times each day do we forget that we have a relationship with a personal God who loves us and created everything? How many times each day do we limit ourselves because we are limiting God? Do we really think that we can understand God fully, knowing what He is thinking and what He is doing?

Isaiah 55_8-9
God cannot be contained. God is bigger then I can imagine. God is more powerful then anything I have seen. God is more powerful then an earthquake, or a tornado, or the deadliest plague. God is more loving then any person I have ever met or ever will meet. God is wiser then the wisest of people. God’s creation reveals the character of its Creator. Look around and marvel at the beauty, the galaxies, the deserts, the lush forests, a delicate hummingbird, a graceful lynx, and so on and on it goes.

1 Corinthians 2_9Whenever I stop trying to do God’s job and simply allow God to be God, and remember that He created me and that He loves me, a great weight is lifted off of me. I no longer need to figure everything out. I no longer need to be perfect in my thoughts, behavior, or attitude. I can trust that the God that created not only me, but the entire universe is fully capable of taking care of His creation and fulfilling His purposes.

Then, I remember that this Creator God came and, taking the form of a human being, lived among us, teaching us and showing us the way, knowing that we would torture and kill him. And yet, Jesus loves us still.

John 1_1


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