1It seems like my life has been filled with messages about gifts recently. In August and September multiple family members have birthdays. Then, in September I started a Bible study of the book of Romans where we have been reminded every week of the manifold gifts that God gives to us. Suddenly it was time to begin preparing for Christmas, and once again, gifts are in the forefront.

True confessions, Christmas has never been my favorite holiday. Of course, I loved getting things as children, but still, I liked Easter and Thanksgiving more, and still do. Working in retail for many years did not help me enjoy the Christmas season. I envy people (or I would if envy were not a sin) who love the season, and have beautifully decorated homes, 2and gorgeous trees with brightly wrapped packages while I struggle to find those personal gifts and get them in the mail in time.

How could I not be overjoyed that God loves us so much that He sent Jesus to live and die for us, giving us the gift of faith through grace, saving us from our sins and giving us entrance into the Kingdom of God? This amazing gift far outshines any gift we could make or buy here on earth. It makes me wonder, what birthday gift could I possibly give Jesus to celebrate His birth as a human, forever joining us to Himself and reconciling us to the Trinity?

There is only one: worship from my heart, accented with constant praise and thanksgiving, demonstrated in absolute trust and obedience.



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