Is There a Crack in Your Faith?

Is there a crack in your faith_

It didn’t start out to be that bad of a day. I was tired, but my schedule wasn’t heavy today so maybe I would be able to get caught up on some tasks. As I reached for my coffee cup, it got tangled with some cords and went flying. As the coffee spread over the rug and the floor I was amazed that I didn’t hear the crashing sound of the cup breaking. “Isn’t that just like God”, I thought “the cup which said faith on it wasn’t broken even though my faith was spilled out all over the floor”. As my day went on I went to the dentist where I was informed that I needed a crown, I stubbed my toe, and my computer froze while printing out things I thought I had already printed, and on and on it went. My attitude, which wasn’t that great to start the day, continued spiraling down.

Still, I held onto the fact the my faith was not broken, all was not lost, it would get better. Deciding to take a break and get another cup of coffee, I looked more closely at the cup and discovered that my faith was indeed cracked. Now the reality of what was happening began to penetrate my thick skull.

2 Cor 10_5

I was not controlling my thoughts, I was allowing my flesh to dictate how I perceived and responded to the events of my day. How often do we do this? We get tired, and we allow the enemy to get a foothold into our thoughts. As soon as this happens, things get worse. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, they seem to us to be horrible, bad, no good, awful and downright unfair. This isn’t a question of if, it is a question of when, and what are we going to do when we realize what is happening? Today, I am going to go put on worship music, spend some time reading and writing about the glory of God, and allow God’s Word to wash the rest of this mud out of my mind. What about you? What works for you when you have one of “those days”?

1 Thess 5_17-18a


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