Stuck in a Groove?

Do you remember playing those old records in the players with the needle that would go around and around to make the sound? If there was a scratch in the record, you could get the same phrase playing over and over again until you moved the needle forward beyond the scratch.

Sometimes, my mind works like one of those old record players, replaying the same phrase or thought over and over again. I have learned to pay attention when that happens. When it is a fear or negative thought, I look for the root (the cause), so that I can deal with the underlying issue. Once I have done that, the unwanted and intrusive thoughts disappear on their own.


However, when it is a piece of scripture, or praise and thanksgiving to God, then I have learned that it is either a message about something I am struggling with, a reminder of something I am forgetting, or something God wants to take from “head knowledge” to “heart knowledge” taking it from knowing about, to living it out. One such phrase that has been rumbling around in my head recently is “From Him, through Him and for Him is Everything.”


Everything that exists was made by Him. I have nothing that God did not give me. Even my ability to choose to rebel against Him is an ability that He gave me. Every breath I take, every thought I think, every action I take is only because God is continuing to sustain not only me, but also the universe in which I live and move and have my being. John1-3


Finally, everything that I think, say or do, should reflect my humble gratitude to Him, increasingly reflecting His glory as the fruit of the Spirit grows in my character and my life.

Today, I renew and refresh my commitment and desire that the meditations of my heart, the thoughts of my mind, the words of my mouth and the actions of my limbs will bring glory and honor to my Lord, my Savior, the center and the source of my life.